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  1. I was excited to see some different recipes and also to find out you live in daughter lives in Kennesaw. I will be visiting in October till November. I am a Southern gal raised on cooking but grew up in Germany. Love the cooking blogs and recipe sites.

  2. I now live in Iowa. I cook many ethnic foods as I have friends from Africa, India, Holland, Lebanon,Germany, Mexico, Canada, France, Polland, Spain, China, Phillipines....but only one that lives in Italy ( does missionary work)

    1. Hi Sandra!
      How neat that your daughter lives in Kennesaw! I hope you enjoy your visit here in Oct/Nov. When I received your messages, I was actually in Iowa! I was in DesMoines for an Allrecipes Get Together. It was my first time visiting Iowa, and I loved it.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      All the best!