Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Reynolds® Disposable Bakeware

November and December are such busy months for everyone it seems. I am always trying to find ways to make things a little easier at this time of the year, when life seems to get so hectic. When I was given the opportunity to try out Reynolds® NEW Disposable Bakeware, I just knew that these products would come in handy! 

 Reynolds® provided me with the samples shown in the photo above, in order to try the products and provide them with my feedback and ideas for use. All opinions are my own. #Ad #ReynoldsKitchens

I think the product that I am most excited about are these Reynolds® Disposable Bakeware with Carriers. What a great product! I can't tell you how many times these would have come in handy in the recent past, like when my son had to bring a hot pasta dish to his "Pasta Pot Luck Dinner" for his cross country team, the night before their regional meet. While I did prepare the pasta in a disposable pan, it did not have a lid or a carrier. I had to cover the pan with foil and place the hot pan on a kitchen towel lined cookie sheet to transport it to the school. Looking back now, I wish I would have had one of these!

Here's what's all included with this product: Carrier (there's a little piece of cardboard that you place in the bottom of the carrier to give it stability and it also acts like a pot holder to keep the bottom of the carrier from getting hot); Pan and Cover (I love how the covers are high above the food level. No more pasta or cheese sticking to the top cover).

Tonight I put the 11" x 15" Lasagna Pan to the test. This is one heavy lasagna (with 3 layers of pasta, ricotta, meat and cheese)!

Not only are these carriers sturdy, but the handles make transporting a breeze. This lasagna was HOT, right out of the oven. 

I know that I'll be using these Reynolds® Disposable Bakeware with Carriers whenever I need to transport food from our home, whether it be to a pot luck dinner; to deliver a meal to a family in need; or to send leftovers home with friends or family that came to our home for dinner.

(We always host Thanksgiving dinner at our house with our friends that live next door. I'm saving the 13" x 9" bakeware with carrier sample to send food home with them that night!)

 For all of your Holiday baking needs, Reynolds® also came out with a new line of Disposable Bakeware with Parchment Lining. Shown here is the 8" x 4" Medium Loaf Pan (they come 3 to a package) as well as the 6" x 4" Small Loaf Pans (they come 5 to a package). These are perfect for baking breads for gift giving. With the parchment lining, you can skip the non-stick spray and not worry about your bread sticking.

Every year, I make multiple batches of this Downeast Pumpkin Bread recipe from It's the perfect bread for this time of year. It is my favorite pumpkin bread recipe. This is what I'll be using these pans for, without a doubt. 

 These 15" x 10" Cookie Sheets with Parchment Lining are a great idea for the "occasional baker", or someone who doesn't want to invest in cookie sheets because they just wouldn't use them that often. I plan to use these when I do my candy making. These will work great for drop candies like peanut clusters or divinity.

All of these products are easy to use, are super convenient and make cleanup fun (just toss it in the garbage!) Anything to make things a little easier - I'll take it! 

For more information about Reynolds® products, or to find more tips and techniques, recipes and money saving coupons, click the Reynolds® icon above.


  1. These disposible carries are really handy when you have travel for a long journey or you want to go a picnic .. andu can even store food at homes in them ... perfect for a working women ..

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  3. Please reuse, repurpose, and recycle all components responsibly, as available in your area! Thank you!!

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