Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turkey Tuesdays

Maple Basted Turkey with Cranberry Pan Gravy

This month, I had the pleasure of working with Allrecipes and Butterball.  Our assignment was to prepare a recipe from the Butterball Collection on Allrecipes every Tuesday in September. My first thought was "EVERY Tuesday?" Ugh! That's a lot of turkey in one month.

When I thought of turkey, I thought of either a whole turkey dinner (as in Thanksgiving), sliced deli turkey on a sandwich, or ground turkey in the place of ground beef in a recipe. Really, those were the only ways that I had eaten turkey before. Well, my thinking on turkey has changed!

 Butterball has so many different turkey products on the market. You can check out all of them here and then click on "products".  There is also a product locator on their website, which came in handy when I was looking for what I needed to make the recipes that I chose.

I have to say, my family thoroughly enjoyed Turkey Tuesdays! Each recipe was so different from the next, and made me realize that turkey is as versatile as chicken or beef! We don't have to wait for once or twice a year to enjoy turkey.  Here are the recipes that I prepared:

Turkey Tuesday #1 - Grilled Turkey Cuban Sandwiches
My first time making a Cuban Sandwich - and it will not be my last! They were Dee-licious!

 Turkey Tuesday #2 - Mediterranean Turkey Pasta Salad
I actually used the left overs from the turkey breast that I had grilled to make the Cuban Sandwiches the week before. Just diced it up, threw it in a zip-loc bag and into the freezer, which made making this recipe quick & easy.

 Turkey Tuesday #3 - Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burritos
This was breakfast for dinner last week (or "Brinner" as some say). I loved it so much, I had one for lunch the next day too!

Turkey Tuesday #4 - Maple Basted Roast Turkey with Cranberry Pan Gravy
While I didn't make the cranberry pan gravy in the recipe - the roast turkey was awesome! People roast whole chickens all of the time throughout the year - why not a small turkey? Mine was a 9 pounder, perfect size for my family, with only a few leftovers for the next day!

If you think about turkey the way that I did, I hope that you will re-think your thinking and give some of these recipes a try!  Just remember:

Buon Appetito!


  1. Your roast turkey looks amazing! It certainly was a busy month!!

    1. Thanks Renee! It sure was busy but I'm loving being in the program. So much fun!

  2. Your blog format is looking very, very good, and your photos really pop. It's hard to get a good photo of a whole roasted turkey, but you did it! Very nice.

    1. Thank you so much! It seems like it took me forever to get it set up how I wanted, but I'm happy with it now and can just focus on adding content!